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Key West Artisan Market

The Key West Artisan Market is a series of vibrant, spirited events that are full of creative energy.

These open air bazaars are filled with artists, authors, craftspeople, musicians, chef-made cuisine, fresh produce and seafood that represents the diversity of products and local creativity. At each market more than 50 vendors are selected based on originality, exclusivity and uniqueness to the Lower Keys and Key West.

The Artisan Market is held on the property of The Restaurant Store and Cole’s Peace Bakery located at 1111 Eaton St. in Old Town Key West. Bicycling is encouraged and limited guest parking is available next door in the Strunk’s Ace Hardware / Manley DeBoer Lumber Company parking lot.

This season’s 2016/17 Artisan Market schedule and themes are as follows:

October 16
Oktober Brewfest
November 20
Preserve Island LIfe
December 18
Holiday / Shop Local
January 29
Culinary & Wine Show
February 19
March 5
FREE Wheelin' & Custom Bicycle Show
April 2
Ocean Awareness

Key West Artisan Markets are held on Sundays from 10:00 until 2:00. We look forward to seeing you there.

Fill out applications to participate in the Key West Artisan market events